Why Kenya is gradually moving into a one-party dictatorship regime.



During a crawling move in the transition to democracy in most African countries, which can be credited to the emergence of multiparty systems, most African countries have had to confront poverty, illiteracy, underdevelopment legacies among other issues. These are issues created by corrupt and incompetent governments. There is however, an emerging concern of the country being headed to a one party state. It could be one of the worst post colonial trends.

Let me justify that. Here in Kenya, there is a clear rejection of competitive politics and the whole voting exercise might be termed as a useless distraction to justice-loving citizens and a waste of tax payers’ money. This is the interpretation I get when the election is flawed and results are predetermined. It doesn’t matter any little what international media and organizations say about the election, that hypocrisy is something all truth-seekers  are used to, and it doesn’t change anything in a country’s quest for justice. Their main goal is to suppress the opposition, and any other body that means well for the country.

It has been a common act in Africa, using dubious means to suppress the agitation for peace and justice. For that, all bodies opposing the government suffer. Let me take you back a little. In Malawi, for example, the idea of an opposition was rejected on quasi-theological grounds: “There is no opposition in Heaven. God himself does not want opposition—that is, why he chased Satan away. Why should Kamuzu [President Banda] have opposition? Here in Kenya, the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) has been deregistered under unclear circumstances. Rumor has it that the KHRC was planning to go to court over the flawed election that declared Uhuru Kenyatta president.

This is undermining a healthy civil society and is bringing down institutions that promote democracy, and we might be headed to that post-colonial one party state, dictatorship comes in various forms if you know what I mean. Institutions of civil society and democracy are either being controlled by the government or getting harmed by the government – they’re being made weaker than they were on inception and the transition to democracy is being derailed, a daunting challenge. In order to protect democracy, civil rights must be respected, the military should be apolitical and a great accountability should be upheld in all government institutions, and the IEBC is not in exception.

Actions extending from the pre-election killings tell a lot. It is very evident there was a lot of conniving to interfere with IEBC servers in the results’ transmission.

The interference of Africog, KHRC among other activities are very suggestive. That is how the government would like to control everything. When the military kills people, even 6 month old kids on unjustifiable grounds shows how the country is gradually transitioning back, and this is just a start. We should expect more.


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