Kisoi is the most popular Mbooni parliamentary candidate, Opinion polls reveal

Mbooni MP Hon. Michael Kisoi addressing youths recruited into NYS Youth empowerment programme on June 7, 2017 at Kikima. Photo: Dennis/ Office of MP Kisoi

MP Kisoi is the most preferred parliamentary candidate for Mbooni Constituency for the general elections scheduled for August 8th, the latest poll released on Friday, 16 June show.

With a preference of 30.77 per cent from residents across the 6 wards, Mr Kisoi would still win the elections if they were held today, followed by the Wiper’s candidate with 16.18 per cent. according to Ips0s Synovate.

The rest of the candidates had less than 15 per cent.

The survey further revealed even among the ‘undecided’ and supporters of no political party or coalition, Kisoi still has the upper hand.

Regionally, the incumbent Member of Parliament comes from Mbooni East district where as his main competitor comes from Mbooni West District.

According to the polls, Wiper’s candidate Mary Mbiu, a former chairperson of Maendeleo ya wanawake Machakos County branch is enjoying support majorly drawn from parts of Mbooni West district.

Mrs Muting’a experienced a humiliating defeat by Dr Susan Musyoka in Machakos County’s Women Representative race in 2013 general elections.

Historically, there has being a power battle between the two districts.

There‚Äôs one more epic duel set for this year’s elections. The incumbent MP will once again go mano-a-mano with the Mbooni West candidate. Every time the two sides have squared off, the East has mostly come out with the short end of the stick, until the last general elections under the new constitutional dispensation, the Kenya Constitution 2010.

Ceteris paribus, all factors are favouring the incumbent. Firstly, Mbooni West has several plausible players, most coming from the same ward while the East has mainly two contenders- Mr Kisoi, and Mr Mboloi who lost in the Wiper primaries.

Secondly, Makueni’s Senator Mutula Kilonzo JR comes from Mbooni West, and thus leaving East with the higher chances to produce the National assembly representative to avoid power vacuum.

Thirdly, most residents prefer Kisoi, not because of Party affiliation, but due to his zealotry in service delivery. Though most have vowed their allegiance to Kalonzo Musyoka who is pushing for election of the Wiper candidate, they termed Kisoi as a development- oriented leader who deserves re-election regardless of his party. Kisoi is among the lower Eastern region leaders who defected from Wiper party to join Jubilee.

Hon Kisoi interacting with locals during a public participation forum at Kisau on March 9, 2017. Photo: File

Mbooni has been ranked among the best in management and use of the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF).

The constituency emerged position 17 among the country’s 290 constituencies in the utilisation of CDF allocated in the last three financial years. The audit by the NG-CDF Board considered financial service delivery, operational, dynamic and non-financial indicators.

Evaluators were drawn from the board and the State Department of Planning and Statistics in the Devolution ministry.


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