Hon. Mesh Musyoki gives very insightful reasons why the Kambas should vote NASA


1. Since 1963, both the former central province and generally the GEMA together with the Kalenjin community have never endorsed a single Kamba candidate for the county’s presidency. Paul Ngei, Kitili Mwendwa, Charity Ngilu and Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka were never supported for the apex political seat. We never appreciated that being called athonua meant we would both be close and not very close to GEMA and power.

2. In 2007/8 Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka was promised support for the presidency come the 2013 general election by former President Mwai Kibaki. The deal was not honoured by Kibaki’s henchmen. They asked Kalonzo to climb down from vice-president to the position of Member of Parliament so that he could be made National Assembly Majority Leader. Uhuru and Ruto proceeded to occupy the presidency and deputy presidency positions.

3. Just like the Meru, Embu, Mbeere and Tharaka communities, the Kamba are considered to be part of the country’s Eastern bloc. So long as there is a presidential or deputy presidential candidate from the Kikuyu community, these neighbouring communities are supposed to always defer to and support the Kikuyu. Worse at its formation, the Kamba were denied membership of the GEMA group. At least the Meru and Embu have since independence been compensated for loss of top political positions with significant development resources. In 2007/8 Kalonzo was made Vice President only as a consequence of the then electoral violence which threatened to tear the country asunder. For the Akamba to produce a presidential candidate via an Eastern bloc coalition, the Kikuyu must renounce deputy presidential candidacy in favour of a candidate from the Western bloc.

4. As of now WIPER cannot be allowed to field candidates in central Kenya. Kenyans in the former central province cannot vote for Raila or Kalonzo today. Why should they expect votes from the Kamba Nation? Kambas should not give their vote where they cannot receive reciprocity.

5. Any vote for Jubilee in Ukambani will seriously decrease votes for NASA. And it must be remembered that one vote can deny a candidate from the magical 50% +1 winning formula. Kalonzo’s presidential bid in 2022 will become a reality only when the Kamba people overwhelmingly support NASA in 2017 through their cumulative vote of over 2 M. For the Kamba, the 2017 vote is in a way also a 2022 vote.
6. If Jubilee uses the Kamba vote to win, we shall become a betrayer of those Kenyans yearning for change. It will be shameful to the Kamba Nation; we shall be ostracized by the majority of Kenyans. Jubilee has so far unsuccessfully tried to make inroads into the Coast and Western regions. Why should it be allowed to succeed in Ukambani? Jubilee is frantically mobilizing chiefs, village elders and nyumba kumi formations to recruit voters at polling stations. Huge sums of money are being dished out to voters to influence their decision come election day, IDs and voting cards are also being brought so as to decrease the Kamba vote. We must ensure these desperate strategies don’t bear any fruit.

7. The Kamba region is a NASA stronghold. To vote for Jubilee is to convert it into a battleground. Why must we cede ground? Now Uhuru and Ruto are the two top candidates in Jubilee. If we are lured into Jubilee, what position would be available for one from the Kamba Nation? Those seducing us into Jubilee should tell us which senior position in government the Aakamba will occupy.

8. Since the Jubilee administration took over power, it has avoided undertaking genuine development in Ukambani. Several projects were started or revived in the sunset years of the Jubilee government. Major projects such as Konza City, Thwake Dam, Kitui coal and limestone mining and other key water projects have been abandoned. There is nothing major the current administration can show in Ukambani to deserve our support.

9. The national government has not appointed many senior people from our region within its ranks. When senior officers retire, there is no credible replacement. The Uhuruto government has largely consigned us in the cold. The few senior Kamba officials in the national government are now trying to sell or mortgage the community for fear that they will lose their positions if they don’t play ball and the government wins, sadly they are political orphans who will cling to any father or mother

10. The Kamba vote is the determinant vote between Raila and Uhuru. Consistency is critical because in 2013 we supported CORD. We have entered into a coalition agreement with NASA parties which mandates Raila to be a one term president paving the way for his Deputy President Kalonzo. Therefore the Kamba Nation must stick with NASA 100%. There is no room for Jubilee and Jubilee affiliates in Ukambani. To give even one vote to Jubilee is to commit treason or community suicide.



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