There has been a growing paradox in the wake of the 2017 electioneering period on whether the sitting government should be retained or sent home. To me, that’s a puzzle, a more subtle approach to this puzzle would be evaluating development and positive change, not just PR. A good approach would mean evaluating all the utilitarian aspects of the purported development track among other things that matter, for instance economic growth and lives of Kenyan citizens. If any of the aforementioned aspects doesn’t add up, then the future of Kenyans is at peril and would mean change of tyres notwithstanding the little ‘development’. Well, well… that will be a story for another day.

Now, the definition for development has never changed since the ancient times. While there have been several changes in the scope of how politics are done, we might want to stop intertwining party politics with development, more often than not, we are most likely going to miscalculate levels of development and misjudge those who bring development to us. You do not have to be in a certain party to do development and improve the lives of people, no, but you will definitely need some party to give you the pass to a servant-ship post. When a leader can deliver, then the party is insignificant.

Here in Kenya, and maybe probably in other parts of the world, the organization of political parties is fucked up. There is no sanity and fairness in such parties, the party leaders have vested individual interests in their own parties, which are not in any way grounded on the development agenda of leaders under same party, see, these parties could have preferred candidates, and if it doesn’t favor you? Or if a party’s operations are skewed, should such a party become a hurdle to development?

Let me take you briefly to Mbooni politics.

23rd July 2016.

Mbooni has never experienced such a huge change since independence as it has been in the last four years, actually, the CDF kitty has never been this utilized before”, said a guy whose hate for politics I know.

I have since tried to ponder on those words, casually said by someone who never talks about politics. Do the people of Mbooni have the real reasons to remove their MNA Hon. Kisoi Munyao? I have held different opinions on this very matter, first, because our brother defected to Jubilee, which is the reason for the paradox mentioned earlier, well, this is a man with an unmatched development record since 1963, and I don’t deem it necessary to remove him from the helm of Mbooni leadership because of his party, let us focus on things that matter and not charades and social media stereotypes. But to put this paradox to bed, we could look at the puzzle from different angles, if you hate Jubilee and have no reason to vote them back, you have an easy time to reelect Mr. Munyao and vote Jubilee home for the presidential elections.

Parties do not bring development. In my next post, I shall categorically explain why Hon. Kisoi is the best option among the already available aspirants who would wish to replace him, I will also be explaining why denying him over his party affiliations doesn’t make sense especially considering the nature of his former party in the transient time. If we are for development, then we already got a deal but if we are for parties, then I can bet Mbooni does not have the best candidate to represent the ‘region’s party’.

Looking at the development record of this man Kisoi and his confidence during this period, I can tell he has an upper hand in the coming elections and any candidate seeking to remove him would have to work miracles. If we really need development, then we know who we need.


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