Is Jubilee Worth Another Term?

Taking a casual walk and listening to people around the streets,you’ll notice how bad an era it is. It’s undoubtedly a time of great social and personal stress for the masses. Health crisis,corruption,drought,unemployment and constant layoffs.

We have had prices for basic commodities go up,economic woes and distrust of the government. Remember also,one of the very critical issues that has been ignored,the issue of climate change.

In his book, Burn-Out: The High Cost of Achievement,Dr. Freudenberger noticed that while most of his high-achieving clients had once pursued life with vigor, excitement, and optimism, over time their passion had been dulled, in some cases killed by what he called “a demon born of the society and times we live in;” times exemplified by swift changes and the “depersonalization” of neighborhoods, school and work environments. They began to feel disengaged, disenchanted, and uninvolved, even when surrounded by family and friends. They began to view their jobs as draining and unrewarding. For many, life seemed to have lost its meaning,this sounds familiar to our situation here in Kenya,over 30 years later.

While 2017 elections are just a few months away,there’s need to sober up and open our eyes.
Now,a loser might always remain a loser,but a winner could be unseated by someone new popping up out of nowhere. Nobody is safe!


The writing is on the wall.


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