Mbooni MP ranked among the best performing MPs

It’s good, healthy and one’s democratic right to criticize any government/ leadership, whether working or not. But as much as it’s one’s right to partake the criticism, I believe that it should be agenda- based, criticism for purpose.

It beats logic to see and hear some guys doing unnecessary critics, especially against the Mbooni Constituency leadership— the Kisoi Munyao led leadership. But, from the look of things, some once stinging critiques ceased to.

It’s evident that Mbooni Constituency is one of the Constituencies leading in execution of development projects, benefiting all members of the community. It’s NG-CDF kitty is believed to be one of the effectively utilized funds, being ranked at #1 in the Makueni County’s level, and #23 Countrywide out of the possible 290.

The Parliamentary seat aspirants, targeting to unseat the smart- working Kisoi, most of them being the 2013 general elections vanquished candidates have been cross crossing the sub county with hefty packages to offer bribes to the electorate, simply because they’ve nothing to offer in matters leadership. Their rationale is mostly about party politics. Why? Hon Michael Kisoi doesn’t put party mandarins before his bosses— mweenenthi.


Mark 8:38 asks: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” Methinks the author in the good book must have had Mr Kisoi in mind.

I’m not trying to say that no one has the capacity to unseat this honcho, Hon Kisoi, but I’ve not seen an able guy out of the many bogeymen we have who can perfectly fit in the shoes of the constituency’s lower house legislator. Why? Matters integrity, matters service delivery et c.

Only a nill percentage can tell you their agenda to lead the region. They lack the right manifesto for us. They just want to ‘remove’ Kisoi from the seat. Not because of him not working, as we already know that he has, but because he should just be unseated. Where do they want to take our Constituency to? What do they want to do that has not been done?

Our Sub county is full of hypocrites. In their hearts, the pessimistic bugaboos know pretty well that work has been done, but they are all over cheating the electorate that nothing has been done. Thank the wise electorate, they don’t buy lies. They’re ready to take the handouts, but they know their right servant. They say hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue. Translation — even Lucifer will genuflect before Jesus. But don’t mistake the serpent’s ministrations with affection for his antagonist. He’s simply playing possum.

Thank God! We’ve a leader with us. The constituency is in the safe hands of Hon Kisoi. Instead of expending his legendary energies on these bogeymen, he spends the inordinate energy to execute his mandates.

The year is coming. 2017 is approaching. They will all be in the field, politicking. Sharing their scorecards. We’ll vet them, with their matters integrity and certification to handle public coffers. As they say in law, “res ipsa loquitor,” or “the thing speaks for itself.” Kisoi doesn’t need much time to clear himself on this. He has no integrity case. He has worked.

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