Could Kisoi, Mboloi work together with Mutula JR in 2017?

My crystal ball is back — and it will shock you. The year 2017 is around the corner, and you know what that means. There’s one more epic duel between the Eastern and the Western geographics. The incumbent MP Hon Michael Kisoi, the indomitable son of independence hero Kisoi Munyao, will once again go mano-a-mano with whoever the West will front to the field. Every time the two sides have squared off, the East has mostly come out with the short end of the stick, until the last general elections under the new constitutional dispensation, the Kenya Constitution 2010.

From left: Sen Mutula Kilonzo JR, Mbooni MP Michael Kisoi and Dr Martin Mboloi.


In the current Mbooni, it’s pivotal to note that each geographical region will need their representive- in County & Constituency. No side will have to take both. Even in 2013, the political honcho and master in national politics, the late Mutula Kilonzo Snr( RIP) tried but heinously failed to introduce and perfectly market a parliamentary seat aspirant from his region, Mbooni West. Don’t expect much change of this in 2017. As long as Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior will seek reelection whether as a governor or a Senator, for the Westerners, the struggle to the pinnacle of constituency power will remain to be a Sisyphean- a story with layers of Greek tragedy.

As at now, the East has the incumbent as their top brass, while the West have arguably Musila& Kivasu who seem to have equal degrees of fame- though Musila’s maybe slightly higher. It’s true there are other plausible players in Mbooni apart from Mr Kisoi and Mr Musila. In fact, there are plenty of able players. But my guess is that no one will have a real chance of unseating Mr Kisoi and Mr Musila from the pinnacle of Mbooni politics easily. That’s because hoi polloi adore them, and the elite genuflect around them.

Dr Martin Mboloi thinks of himself as a parliamentary material. So does Benson Kithuku- though my confidants inform me that he’s seeking a County Ward representative seat. Festus Kasyoka is knocking on the door. Pius Kithome was once headed to parliament. Anthony Nzeki also sought the mandate. The list is long. But as at now, Mr Kisoi and Mr Musila are clogging the middle — like colossi.

I’ve news for the two would-be challengers to Mr Kisoi and Mr Musila. These are Mr Kivasu and Dr Mboloi. They will have to wait for the Kisoi- Musila feud to exhaust itself. I have a strong feeling neither of the two have the patience to spectate the 2017 Kisoi-Musila slugfest. They damn believe they are pretty good pugilists themselves.

It’s equally good to note that as much as party wave may be important to any winning candidate, development scorecard will play a big and the better role. Many aspirants are waiting for the Wiper party ticket to help them ascend to power, which may cause consternations once the whistle is blown. It’s true, that with a wiper ticket, a candidate may stand a better chance of holding a key monopoly over the standing wave, but their character and their philanthropy will play an equally important role.

The son of late wiper doyen, the current Makueni Senator MKJ will definitely seek a County seat. For him to balance his equation, just like his late father, will be forced to support a candidate from the East. Let me peel your eyes, the wiper ticket will go to Mbooni East. That’s a fact not a fiction. That leads to the BIG QUESTION- Who’ll go with the Wiper ticket? Is it the Kisoi or Mboloi? Ignore Kasyoka with contempt.

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  1. Who’s the ‘Kasyoka to be ignored with contempt’? Either way kisoi can’t afford to sit pretty on his laurels.. the stakes are too high given the previous voting pattern of mbooni.


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