I repeated in Form 3, Matheka says


Part 1

I’m Dennis Matheka, born on 4th August 1991. I’m the 4th born, son to Mr & Mrs Mutune, with four siblings, an elder brother, two elder sisters and a younger sister, the last born.


After one year study in nursery school, I joined Kiliku Primary School in the year 1998. I successfully completed my elementary School level in the year 2005, after sitting for KCPE exam in 2005 and emerging the top scorer in the school with a whooping 368 marks out of the possible 500.

I secured an admission in Mbooni Boys’ High School, the then best Provincial School in our region, but because of financial constraints with our family I didn’t manage to join the school. My sweet mum sought an alternative and got me an admission letter from a district school Mulooni Mixed Day & Boarding Sec school where I joined in 2006. At this time my elder brother was in Form 3 in the same school Tututha Sec where my immediate elder sister was in form 2. In Mulooni Sec School I met Francis Mwangangi(yambae), Nzioka Daniel et c who had also failed to join Provincial schools due to the same problems as mine. We started working on our dreams, and mostly remained the top 3 scorers in the class of 120+.

In this School, we struggled through thick and thin to meet our big dream of just joining a public university. At this School was the ruthless principal, Mr Mbondo, who would send me back home for school fees a week after the other. I was used to trailing the long distance from the Mbooni Hills to our place Kalawani, to at least have my mum go talk to the principal for my back-to-class formula. At times she would sell a goat at home, if any, to pay at least a thousand to have me back to class. Don’t worry about the shopping or pocket money. 1k or 500 bob was enough for my little shopping & pocket money. Sometimes I had to have 150 bob as the pocket money to sustain me for at least two months.

After a hard struggle at Mulooni Secondary School, I couldn’t sustain the life at the school, though it was the best district school we had around. In 2008 while in form 3 in the first term, I had to stay at home from Feb for lacking school fees. I was almost giving up but again I couldn’t make due to the set goals I had. In the second term my loving mum again sought a chance for me in Tututha Sec, where I joined and updated myself having lost a whole term of study at home. Though I excelled in other subjects, I had this problem with languages as I had found the class already through with the set books. Markmulinge Mutyeu , Dennis Muema among others were my classmates by then.

After the form 4 entrance exam we did in term 3, I got a B- MG but a D- in English. After reopening the school in 2009, instead of progressing to form 4 I carried my locker back to form 3 against the wishes of some teachers. I therefore forcefully repeated in form 3, to shift focus on my languages and truly I did. In this class were my brothers from other mums, my best friends Kyalo Eric- desk mate , John Kyalo, Victor Nzioka, Nrey Kinako, Geoffrey Chege etc who now became my classmates.

I struggled, still with fees issues, to complete my five years study. Luckily enough, there was this teacher, my class teacher & Geography teacher Mrs Felix, my all time loving mum who made sure that I was in class whether I cleared my fees or not( May God bless you abundantly & meet all your needs & desires together with your family). After apparently five yrs of struggle, I sat for my KCSE examination in the year 2010, where I again emerged the candidate of the year in the school, though I didn’t meet my expectation, but I managed to raise cluster points enabling me to at least join a Public university.


By the grace & mercies of God The Almighty, I received an admission letter from the University of Nairobi to pursue a Bachelors degree in Education (Science) where I joined in 3rd September, 2012 and specified in Physics & Mathematics.
Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Isaiah 41:10 NIV

10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

©Dennis Matheka


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