After the release of Auditor General’s Report which highlighted massive loss and misusage of public funds, Makueni County residents have vowed to hold protests all over the county to demand for accountability of Sh1.1bn lost in ‘crazy financing’  by the county executive.

Speaking on Sunday 9th August 2015 during different fund drives at ACK St. Barnabas Thwake in Kalawa and ACK Kitandi, Mbooni MP Hon. Michael Kisoi Munyao gave 72 hours ultimatum to the county executive to give clear accountability of the misused public funds.

Mbooni MP Hon Kisoi addressing Makueni county residents on Sunday 9th August, 2015.
Mbooni MP Hon Kisoi addressing Makueni county residents on Sunday 9th August, 2015 during a fund drive at ACK St. Barnabas Thwake, Kalawa.

The MP gave a stern warning that if they won’t have met the demands by Wednesday, Makueni county residents will hold a mega Kamukunji at Unoa grounds, Wote where the concerned leaders will give directives which may see many county workers losing their jobs and end up in courts of law.

Hon Kisoi further noted with a lot of concern that the government of Makueni County led by governor Kivutha Kibwana has failed their citizens terribly having it that no tangible development projects have been pionered by the county government in most parts of the county.  What the county workers have been doing is mishandling of funds through ghost projects, payment of ‘unemployed’ staff, unnecessary allowances to county workers including MCAs etc.



  1. hon Micheal you can be another saver of Makueni county taxes and funds . let the noise makers like ndavi continue yearning…..watakuta tushaenda.


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