Hon. Michael Kisoi during official opening of Nzeveni Chief's Office

Earlier on Thursday Mbooni constituency residents said that they’ll hold demonstrations all over the constituency to oppose the Infotrak’s false polls on MPs which ranked their MP Hon Michael Kisoi Munyao at position 223/289.

Speaking at Kikima, Mbumbuni, Tawa and Kalawa markets they termed the polls as fake and unsubstantiated. The residents expressed their absolute trust on their member of Parliament, saying that for his two years in office, he has managed to do what the past MPs failed to do in their whole terms in office.

The university students from the constituency also termed the polls as misleading and that it favoured particular parties of interest.  ” the infotrak’s report is misleading and incapacitated just because we’ve never had anyone conducting the research in the constituency. We(comrades) will leave no stone unturned as far as Mbooni constituency governance is concerned. We are over willing to join our parents in opposing the unjust reports” Cyrus Mutinda, a Dedan Kimathi University student expressed his grievances.

On development agenda, this week Mbooni MP Hon. Michael Kisoi has spent at his constituency commissioning and opening development projects funded by Mbooni CDF. On Thursday, the MP, together with other leaders from the constituency officially opened Utwiini dispensary,  several AP lines and Chiefs’ offices in the constituency, all funded by the CDF kitty in the financial yr 2014-2015.


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