Mbooni constituency residents unhappy with High Court’s decision to scrap off CDF kitty

Mbooni constituency area residents have staunchly claimed that CDF should not be scrapped off as proposed by High Court.

This came barely an hour after the High Court on Friday affirmed that CDF is unconstitutional and recommending it’s withdrawal after 12 months.

CDF has been of great and actually the major contributor to developments in the area especially in the current tenure of Hon Kisoi Munyao who clinched the Mbooni Mp seat in the 2013 general elections.

Touring the area, one can easily actualize the words by residents. Almost each and every secondary school in the area has been installed with electricity courtesy of Mbooni CDF; Water projects have been initiated in the area; security has been enhanced in the area by construction of AP lines and security administrators residential houses; education has been enhanced by construction of technical institutions and colleges in the constituency; health care has been improved by construction of healthcare centres, all with are evenly distributed all over constituency.

Speaking to residents at Tawa, Kalawani and Kikima markets, they affirmed that the government of Kenya should take all legal actions to affirm inclusion of CDF in the Kenya constitution.

The residents claimed withdrawal of CDF would leave the constituency at a worst state, bearing in mind that Makueni County government is undergoing wrangles hence no development projects have been initiated by the county government.


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